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How to communicate, pay and register with the Brumbies

Information for new and old members. Hopefully everything you need to know to pay, keep up to date and communicate with coaches and teams.


All our communications go through this. You can find it here Download the App today!

Its used for the following

  • Letting us know if your child cant play

  • News from the club

  • Events

  • You can even setup chats for your team.

There is heaps of information in their support page Team App Support: Member FAQ's and in particular if you wish to find us in team app check out the instructions here How do I join a team already created on Team App?

Letting us know if your child cant play

So when you know your child can NOT play, go into TeamAPP – select Ballan Brumbies. Then choose Availabilities

Then click on the cross to add an entry

Fill in the details with your kids details like we have below ensuring to say NOT AVAILABLE and press create

If you still want to SMS or contact someone directly that’s fine but this will be where everyone will be going to check availability prior to the weekend's game.

News from the club

The App will notify you as well depending on what you have setup it will be emailed as well. Just go in to the app when you get notified and open the news section


We will load event such as end of year BBQ so that you can let us know if your coming and also get information about the event like where it is and when.

You can even setup chats for your team

Great way to help give someone a lift

Make sure you select Selected Groups, otherwise you will notify everyone! Then select your team. Anyone associated to that team will get your chat messages.


To make it as simple as possible we use TeamPay so that you don't need to have cash on the day or worry about transferring money etc.

To set this up you will need to download the Teampay app on your phone. The app is available from your app store (Google and Apple). Once you have set up your account and added your payment card, enter the generic club team code 53ZQ8I79 after clicking to join a team. Please do not manually click to enter payment for each game this is done by the club after the games.

If you believe you are set up please login and check that you have an active Ballan Brumbies team.

If you have any questions please email to

Once you have created a user id and logged in you will need to click on the settings cog to add your child if they are not there already and add a payment method

Then you need to add a team. Make sure you select your child otherwise YOU will be added to the team.

Now that you have selected your child you can enter the team code that you have been given

Play HQ

Ballarat Basket Ball Association utlises this platform to

  • Pay registrations

  • List game schedules (we link to these from TeamAPP)

You will be asked to register your child and pay for the registration.

The club will supply a Registration link to register your child each season. The current link for 2022 Winter Season is Once you complete the Registration following the following instructions below from Playhq, your child will be allocated by the club in their team.

Once you've clicked on the relevant program registration link, you'll arrive on the registration overview page that provides information about the registration you're about to complete (details the Organisation's Name, Program, Season, and typically other details such as available Program Groups, Pricing and Additional Information):

You can select the 'Get started' button to continue with your registration.

If you are not logged in to PlayHQ at the time you take this step, you will need to either Log in or Create a PlayHQ account first in order to continue.

Upon logging into the registration form, you can either register yourself (the account holder) or you can choose to register a family member/dependant (the Choose User step).

Ensure that you make the appropriate decision to register the correct person and progress to select the participant type in the Choose Role step. For registration to a Program, you can choose to register as either a Player or Volunteer.

You will next have to enter the Participant Details including answering any Additional Information and in some circumstances selecting the Group to be allocated to:

Progress by entering the required information and then click the 'Save and Continue button'.

Program registration fees will be presented next. You will also need to agree to Terms and Conditions and can Opt-In to marketing communications from your sport before progressing to the next step.

In the next step, you may be able to select from Products that have been made available for the Program. Make your appropriate selection:

Click 'Continue' to proceed to the Payment & Summary (final step). A complete summary of all costs (fees and products) is displayed. If you have a PlayHQ Voucher, or a State/Territory Government Voucher that the Program's organisation accepts, you can enter these here. Enter all required details before clicking Submit Registration (Payment occurs when you make this selection).

When payment has been successful, you will be presented with the Registration Success page.

Congratulations! The participant has now been successfully registered. You can choose to view the registration confirmation in your PlayHQ Profile Account, or access the two emails that are sent automatically to the PlayHQ Profile Account holders' email address and that contains confirmation of registration and a tax Invoice/receipt.

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